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Modded Nintendo 2DS

Price: $229.95
In Stock
This item available in our shop:
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Condition: Brand New
Console: Brand New 2DS
Type: CFW, Hacked, JailBroken 2DS
Included: 2DS, Charger & 32GB SD

Includes a Modded 2DS with Custom Firmware. Use Homebrew, edit Pokemon (incld Sun and Moon), custom themes, Region Free, and much more! This is the ultimate 2DS model. Brand New Blue Mario Kart Edition. Mario Kart pre-installed.

Full Details
Because of processing time & demand this may not ship until 5 days after ordering.
What you're getting:
100% Guaranteed New Nintendo 2DS console and 32GB SD Card. The system is Brand New.
Newest Firmware comes installed on the system. That means you can access the eShop and Play Online. No need to block updates, you can update this system!
What can it do?
This system comes with boot9stap. This means you can do WAY more with it than a typical 3DS. You can install custom apps, themes, free games, over-clock the CPU, Gen Pokemon, and much more!
Most of the best apps come pre-installed and are ready to use. If you're not tech-savvy, no worries! I provide customer support via email, phone, discord, and can provide guides for anything you want to do.
PKSM Editor and Bank
What is PKSM?
PKMS is an app that comes pre-installed on our Modded Systems. It let's you do many things without the need to use a computer or remove your SD card. This tool is more powerful (including more tools and functionality) than PCHex++ and PHBank combined.
Works with game cartridges AND downloaded versions of the games. Best of all it works with Pokemon Sun & Moon!
Editing, Genning, Cloning
With PKSM's easy to use interface you can edit and clone Pokemon with ease. You can edit everything from Moves, Abilties, IVs, EVs, Natures, and much more! The editing system works for Pokemon Sun, Moon, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y.
You can also inject real Event Pokemon from the PKSM WonderCard database!
Free Pokemon Storage
You can safely store 999 Boxes of Pokemon using PKSM. That's nearly 30,000 Pokemon! No internet connection required and the storage is free because it's stored locally on your SD card.
More Edit Options
A mass Pokemon Injector lets you add batches of rare Event Pokemon quickly into your game. You can also inject a Living PokeDex.
You can max out most in-game items, change the game language, and clear your Mystery Gift box.
Full Editing and Banking compatibility for Pokemon Sun, Moon, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y. For 5th and 4th Gen games there are only limited tools available.
NTR Custom Firmware
What is NTR?
NTR is custom firmware that runs over the top of the currently installed firmware. Simple put, it let's you do some really cool stuff!
For many of the features you'll need to download a computer program like Kit-Kat or Snickerstream. This program is safe and easy to use. Currently only a Windows version exists.
Video Streaming
You can use NTR + Kit-Kat to stream the video from your 3DS onto your computer! It's like having a 3DS Capture Card for free. This makes it possible to Stream on Twitch, record YouTube videos, or just play games using your computer monitor as your screen.
*2SD cannot do video streaming. However New 2DSXL can.
Use a Controller
NTR + Kit-Kat give you the ability to use a controller to play games on your Modded System. You can use controllers like Xbox, PS4, PS3, GameCube, and basically any other that you can connect to your computer.
This is now possible to do with Luma3DS using Rosalina. It's much easier and fully supports all buttons for every game.
SUMOHax & other Cheat Plug-ins
SUMOHaX is a cheat plugin for Sun & Moon that let's you run cheats while playing the game. You can set wild encounters, walk thru walls, max out items, and much more!
There are cheat plug-ins for many games including Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y (included on this system). Other cheat plug-ins can be found here.
Much more utility
You can do much more with NTR including some of the following: Take Screenshots of in-game play, Real Time Saves, adjust the back light and blue light output, and more!
PKHex Save Editor
What is PKHeX?
With this Modded System you'll be able to Back Up and Restore your game saves so you can Edit and Gen with PKhex. You'll be able to do this with pre-installed JK's Save Manager and TWLSaveTool.
PKHeX is a free, open source app made by Kaphotics & other awesome people and can be downloaded from here: Download PKHeX.
Compatible Games.
PKHex works with all of the following games:
  • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
  • SUN and MOON
  • Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, & Y.
  • All 5th Gen Games (BL, WH, BL2, WH2).
  • All 4th Gen Games (HG, SS, Pt, Di, Pe)
  • All 3rd Gen Games (Em, Ru, Sa, FR, LG)
  • All 2nd and 1st Gen Game.
Legality Checking.
PKHex let's you run legal analysis for Sun, Moon, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y, and every other previous generation. This will help you make legal Pokemon that work online and don't have any issues.
Also be sure to check out my   YouTube Channel  for new PKHex tricks videos. I'll always be adding more and showing you how to use PKHex and all the tricks.
This program is a on-the-air memory editing tool for Generation VI and VII pokémon games using with NTR-CFW on Nintendo 3DS. It's compatible with Pokemon X, Y, OR, AS, Sun, and Moon. You will have to download the software on your PC to use with this system here. You can do the following and more:
  • Dump and edit pokémon from boxes, Day Care/Nursery, Battle Box and Party using PKHeX interface.
  • See wild opponent pokémon and your partner's pokémon during a trade.
  • Clone and delete pokémon.
  • Edit Items and Trainer Data.
  • BSearch pokémon in the 3DS' RAM with Poké Digger.
  • Build your own mini-bots with the Script Builder.
Backup & Restore Save Files
A fast and simple save manager created with the ideas of simplicity and efficiency. Easy to use and has all of the features you need for backing up and restoring save files for your 3DS games. Works with cartridge games and downloaded games.
JK's Save Manager.
This brilliant save manager comes pre-installed. This system makes backing up and restoring save files simple, easy an oranaized. Works with all 3DS games including Pokemon Sun and Moon. This will give you the power edit your Pokemon files in PKhex and even add Pokemon made with Nekomon.
This pre-installed save tool let's you backup and restore DS game saves (including all 4th and 5th Gen Pokemon games.) This will allow you to edit and gen Pokemon using PKhex, PokeGen, or even load files made with PokEdit.
Homebrew Launcher
Five of the best Emulator come pre-installed on the home menu of this 3DS. Those include SNES, NES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy, and TurboGraphix/PC-Engine. If you want to expand your ability to use more emulators then the homebrew channel may be right for you.
The Homebrew Launcher comes pre-installed giving you easy access to the Homebrew channel from the Home Menu. It auto-updates so it will continue working even if you do a system update.
With the Homebrew channel you'll be able to use Emulators to play classic games from system like SNES, NES, GBA, Genesis, and more! Some of these will come pre-installed. It's easy to add more Emulators. You should legally have your own ROMs when using these Emulators.
HomeBrew Games.
There are many custom/home-made games by various developers that are free to download and play using the Homebrew Channel. Some of them come pre-installed to give you a taste of what's available.
Other Stuff.
There are many homebrew apps and utilities available. They are easy to install by simply dropping the correct files into the /3DS folder on your SD Card.
Custom Firmware
Luma3DS CFW.
This system comes with Luma3DS custom firmware. This is the what really makes this special. With Custom Firmware you can do things that you can't normally do with your 2DS/3DS. You can still install normal system updates and a Luma3DS Updater app is included to easly update the CFW also.
Rosalina Menu.
Rosalina is a custom firmware menu that you can access at any time when using the system. You can open Rosalina at any time buy pressing L+SELECT+DOWN (you can change this once in the menu). This will give you options such as input redirection (using controllers to play your 3DS), changing the CPU/Cache speed on the fly, taking screenshots, and more.
Region Free.
This custom firmware makes the system completely region free. That means you can play games from any region, including but not limited to NTSC (North America), PAL (Europe/Australia), NTSC-J (Japan). No special trick is needed. Just put in the game cartridge and play like normal. You can also install .CIA files from other regions.
FBI .CIA Installer
FBI comes pre-installed on this system. This system let's you install games, app, and other utilities using .CIA files. FBI is user friendly and has some great features.
QR Sun & Moon Injection
This QR Injection method supports Pokemon Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Moon, and Sun.
Inject Pokemon into USUM and SuMo using QR codes. This system will allow you to do this if you follow this simple guide.
Old QR Method
[This part is for old 2DS only] Because this system is so awesome you can use FBI to downgrade the browser and use QR codes just like we did back in the day. All files needed for this are included on the console and it's extremely easy to setup. You'll be able to use all your favorite QR codes from PokEdit QR, PKHex, and elsewhere.
I will have a guide available on how to set up your browser for using QR codes. Once you have enabled this, the system may ask you to update from time to time again. It's completely safe to update as it will just upgrade the browser. You can revert to the QR browser any time you like.
Apps, Plugins, & Games
This system comes pre-installed with some of the best apps/plugins around (many of which are catered to Pokemon).
Free Games
This system comes with free open source games and demos including: awesome fan-made Zelda games, Cat Mario (Syobon Action), Quake, Duke Nukem 3DS, and more! These are in addition to the games you can download on FreeShop (with legal titlekeys of course).
This is a very powerful real time plug-in. It has features like Multiple Menus and Views, RNG Tools, Multiple Breeding Tools, TSV/PSV Checking and more. For more information see here.
FTP File Transfer
FTP file trasnfer let's you manage the files on your SD card without having to take your SD card out and put it into your computer. All you need is a free FTP program on your computer (I recommend FileZilla) and you can easly connect to your 2DS/3DS and move files back to forth from the SD card.
Custom Themes
ANEMONE 3DS THEME MANAGER is pre-installed and let's you set custom themes. It's possible to make your own themes, but you can also download themes from a huge database at Theme Plaza and 3DS Archive.
It's so easy to install themes with this tool. The images below are just a tiny sample of the available themes. Themes even have custom music and sound effects!
Give You This Budge
GYTB (give you this budge) is another tool that included that let's you install custom badges. You can create your own if your adventurous or download custom badge packs from 3DS Archive or Theme Plaza.
Safe & Secure
This system comes with many safety features to ensure you'll be covered if something goes wrong.
This will let you restore your system to the way I shipped it to you if anything goes wrong. I recommend knowing what your doing or contacting me before using PayLoads. If you don't know what that means then you'll probably never need it.
Install your game cartridges.
Leave your game carts at home! This system will allow you to backup the game cartridges that you own and install them directly onto this console's SD Card. It's an easy process, but I recommend following my guides before backing up and installing your games.
Full Support.
If anything goes wrong you can always contact me. I'm a real person. I created and run this website. My name is Cake. And you can Contact Me and I'll help you if you run into any trouble.
System Data and info
This powerful tool is pre-installed. You can use this tool to see many system infos that you can't normally check:
  • Current kernel, FIRM and system version detection.
  • Model detection with code name.
  • Displays screen type (TN/IPS).
  • Displays MAC address.
  • Battery percentage (actual battery percentage using mcu::HWC).
  • Displays SD, CTW, and TWL free and total storage capacity.
  • Displays Wifi slot info (SSID, password and MAC address).
  • And much more!
For full details see the creators gitub readme.
About the Seller
Hi, I'm Cake. I'm the creator and owner of PokEdit. I'm the person that you're buying from and talking to if you contact support.
Trusted Seller.
The first version of this website went online about 10 years ago. I've been working on it and trying to add new features, new items for sale, and improve it throughout the years.
I have a pretty big track record as a seller on the internet. I have over 10,000 positive feedbacks from my eBay Seller Accounts (PokEdit & Unlocked Game Saves) and an amazing feedback rating on my Amazon Seller Account. If you do make a purchase, I recommend doing it on my site. The prices are cheaper, my fees are lower, and I have items here that are exclusive to
Around the web.
You can find me around the web on various social networks. I really appreciate it if you follow/like me as it helps support what I'm doing.
Full Support.
If anything goes wrong you can always contact me. I'm a real person. I created and run this website. My name is Cake. And you can Contact Me and I'll help you if you run into any trouble.
Credits and Fine Print
All of the Custom Firmware and Apps included on the system are free and mostly open source. I am not selling the firmware or applications. When you purchase this item you are paying for the system and the labor for me to modify the system, set it up, install the apps, and prepare it for you.
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