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It's confirmed that Pokemon XY is compatible with Pokemon ORAS but there are some exceptions.For example you could trade with XY but you cant trade/show pokemon holding the new megastones or having the new moves(even high jump kick on lopuny) ... read more
V-Master i know but in a week I may reveal all the new megas and hoopa ... more
XYZ V-Master wrote: Hoopa's new form, Stats: 80/160/60/170/130/80 Type: Psychic/Dark Catchrate: 3 it will also get a new ( or switched) move "Hyperspace Fury," a special Dark-type attack that ... more

A new event pokemon, Pumpkaboo, has been released in correspondence with the new battle competition: Trick-or-Treat Friendly to promote its coming. the competition
requires you to have a super sized Pumpkaboo, being the reason for this distribution. The event is currently being ran in North America and Europe. This event will last until October 31st.

... read more
helpPlz Is it possible to breed more with the hidden ability? ... more
pokemon123456789 superus_malum11 wrote: pokemon123456789 wrote: Ok. That's a good thing in its own way.   My sister has got hers now. She was a little upset about not getting a HA punka ... more

A new Vivillion pattern is being released ... read more
superus_malum11 They just released it. got mine just now. to get it, simply go to the "Mystery Gift" on the main menu and select "get via internet."this event will last until 31st. and Ilista: sorry for stealing you ... more
|M| Miltank244 wrote: Ilitsa wrote: superus_malum11 wrote: Ilitsa wrote: Congratulations everyone! Once ... more

The International Challenge May just been recently announced! It seems like Gamefreak either wants to change a rule every tournament or he has just been getting a lot of complaints and some recommendations. Both are probably likely. For the first time, there are different rules about the age divisions and also for the first time, this tournament will affect the Pokemon World Tournament.

... read more
XYZ FlameSpeedster wrote: phantom911 wrote: Deoxys in speed  form with no guard and sheer cold. Survive that Huge Power Deoxys-A would be good too. If mega mewtw ... more
FlameSpeedster phantom911 wrote:Deoxys in speed  form with no guard and sheer cold. Survive thatHuge Power Deoxys-A would be good too. ... more

A new Pokemon tournament has been recently announced. This is the second tournament for Pokemon X and Y. There are some notable changes in the rules but the changes are somewhat more lenient and does not negatively affect most X/Y users. 
... read more
Odaxis Someone need to lock this one down ... more
superus_malum11 yash wrote: Sir iwant to join your team don't post on old topics. ... more
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