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A new Vivillion pattern is being released ... read more
superus_malum11 They just released it. got mine just now. to get it, simply go to the "Mystery Gift" on the main menu and select "get via internet."this event will last until 31st. and Ilista: sorry for stealing you ... more
|M| Miltank244 wrote: Ilitsa wrote: superus_malum11 wrote: Ilitsa wrote: Congratulations everyone! Once ... more

The International Challenge May just been recently announced! It seems like Gamefreak either wants to change a rule every tournament or he has just been getting a lot of complaints and some recommendations. Both are probably likely. For the first time, there are different rules about the age divisions and also for the first time, this tournament will affect the Pokemon World Tournament.

... read more
XYZ FlameSpeedster wrote: phantom911 wrote: Deoxys in speed  form with no guard and sheer cold. Survive that Huge Power Deoxys-A would be good too. If mega mewtw ... more
FlameSpeedster phantom911 wrote:Deoxys in speed  form with no guard and sheer cold. Survive thatHuge Power Deoxys-A would be good too. ... more

A new Pokemon tournament has been recently announced. This is the second tournament for Pokemon X and Y. There are some notable changes in the rules but the changes are somewhat more lenient and does not negatively affect most X/Y users. 
... read more
Odaxis Someone need to lock this one down ... more
superus_malum11 yash wrote: Sir iwant to join your team don't post on old topics. ... more

Hi guys and gals! I'm back after a short vacation to bring some great news. ... read more
mayoouran2001 Nooga wrote: mayoouran2001 wrote: Nooga wrote: pep paw wrote: hi Ditto ... more
Nooga mayoouran2001 wrote: Nooga wrote: pep paw wrote: hi Ditto4422 wrote: Anyone know if Pokemon created in ... more

There is an upcoming Celebi event for Pokemon X and Y. You will need to use Pokemon Bank in order to receive Celebi. You will only be able to obtain one Celebi per Pokemon Bank file and not per Pokemon X and Y. There is no known expiration date and no known moves, abilities, or items as of yet. ... read more
Squiddw3r It's kinda of a dissapointment that this celebi has such a poor moveset, but it can be fixed by the player so I guess it doesn't mean you don't get an over powered moveset from the start. :) ... more
phantom911 I have updated for the info on celebi. it should be correct as the source is relieble but its still not 'official' ... more
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