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There is officially one month left to use PokEdit GTS. There are currently 3 ways to enjoy PokEdit:

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white2master Can pokedit make an app for android so android users can still use pokedit after they stop ... more
Pika-Pika Wow, only one month left. For real? This is bogus. This website has helped a out with my Pokedex.... I would really appreciate it if someone could help me transfer a shiny Cyndaquil to my X and Y gam ... more

I added 7 more Japanese Event Pokemon to the database today. They aren't very new events, but they will make great additions to your collection if you missed them (which you probably did since you don't live in Japan).
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Can you add the Pokemon center Birthday pikachu, It is a surf pikachu. ... more
Mii I've got it I know what would be perfect the Japansese. Dream event starters Bulbasar, Charmander, Squitle ,Treeko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turwig, Chimchar and Piplup. I know I spelt the names wrong. ... more

The recent news about Mega Charizard and Mega Lucario being in the new Smash Bros got me thinking about Mega Evolutions. I went looking for Mega Greninja images and then found some pretty cool Mega Evolution art of the Kalos Starters. Perhaps this is something to look forward to in Pokemon Z or whatever version is next? ... read more
XYZ They all look cool but if we want to see them in game as mega evolutions we should wait until gen 7 or 8 came ... more
phantom911 go SNORLAX. *he runs aways* *now you run* ... more

MCV has announced that people in the UK who has a copy of Pokemon X or Y can go to a local "Game" store and receive a serial code which grants you a Magmar for pokemon Y and a electabuzz for Pokemon X. This "event" or promotion will last from the 4th of April to an unknown date.
Players in the netherlands can recieve serial codes from the local "game manias". The promotion will last from the 14th of April to April 30th, so be quick.
Both pokemon will be level 30 and hold their respective evolution, electirizer for electabuzz and magmarizer for magmar.
Magmar and electabuzz will each have the ability vital spirit.

-Jose and XYZ ... read more
mayoouran2001 phantom911 wrote: mayoouran2001 wrote: phantom911 wrote: After may 20th, it would be more than just a pokemon to most. hacks would be partially diluted with pure legits creati ... more
phantom911 mayoouran2001 wrote: phantom911 wrote: After may 20th, it would be more than just a pokemon to most. hacks would be partially diluted with pure legits creating a more "pure" ... more

A new Pokemon Maker is now in Open Beta and we encourage you to start trying it out:

PokEdit Pokemon Maker ... read more
DPetahs So I'm just wondering how we are suppposed to send pokemon to our games without friend codes, because as of right now I'm not getting my pokemon because my friend code is wrong and soltuion 2 doesn't ... more
FlameSpeedster sabata2 wrote:Sorry, I'm a bit lost... This is a new means of getting pokes into your B/W/B2/W2 carts, but it still relies on the GTS, so it (likely) won't survive the loss of the servers? It doesn't ... more
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