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Two more mega evolutions were announced today! Not all of the details were released and we will be updating 
Mega's Steelix and Glalie

... read more
rehan100 Gengar is shiny, diancie is not.diancie is still shiny locked. ... more
143851 Alcor wrote: 143851 wrote: Theres a gamestop mega gengar event ending on the 26th of october and another starting on the 27th for a gamestop diancie and that ends on november ... more
Recently announced in the CoroCoro magazine, we're new Mega evolutions: Mega Beedrill, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Latios, and Mega Latias. the Eon's Mega's we're originally found by fans in X & Y, but weren't officially acknowledged until recently. Latios is only obtainable in Omega Ruby while Latias is only obtainable in Alpha Saphire. ... read more
pokemon123456789 I expected mega latios and latias. You could just see them coming. Still, they could of done something better with the megas. Maybe make the two a bit different? Apart from that, all looking good. ... more
superus_malum11 helpPlz wrote: What do they mean about the eon ticket only obtainable by serial code from next issue? the next CoroCoro. they done it before back in 5th gen (for what, I don't remember) Se ... more
photo pgl_zpsb9436413.jpg

The Trick-or-Treat Friendly Online Competition has been announced just recently. This Competition will run Internationally, is single battle format and restricts to the use of Ghost Type pokemon within the National Dex, with the exception of Rotom and Giratina. All pokemon over the level 50, are lowered to level 50. The pokemon must also be Kalos born. Registration runs from October 16th to October 23rd and the battle period starts from October 24th to October 31st. Participants will receive 5 Rare Candies as a prize.

Sources: ... read more
superus_malum11 Registration has begun for this event. lasts until the 23rd. ... more
pokemon123456789 superus_malum11 wrote: pokemon123456789 wrote: superus_malum11 wrote: Alcor wrote: C ... more
mega rayquaza mega evolution
The flood gates have opened and now I release the tsunami of Mega Rayquaza fan art upon you! This seems to be the most plentiful batch of fan artwork after a major release that I've seen. It's a real testament to Rayquaza's popularity. Anyway, let's get the party started and start scrolling! ... read more
rehan100 We already know that. ... more
V-Master you need to wait for somenew special anoncement plus get an acount on now for a demo ... more

I'm sure everyone saw this coming, but it's finally official now. Mega Rayquaza in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. ... read more
pokemon123456789 superus_malum11 wrote: helpPlz wrote: I like how it looks it looks like a mythical sea serpent but can't wait for it's ability reveal. It has already been reveale ... more
superus_malum11 helpPlz wrote: I like how it looks it looks like a mythical sea serpent but can't wait for it's ability reveal. It has already been revealed. it's called Delta Stream. ... more
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