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For those of you recently unable to get onto the wi-fi for pokemon x & y, is because of new patch update that has been released in the Nintendo eShop.
... read more
V-Master oh and it doesn't stop you directly from using cheating devices it prevents you from using it on via. internet communicational battles and even trades ... more
rehan100 Is that not kinda obvious ?I don't really care about that because It is pretty weak.  ... more

Mewtwo was officially announced as an upcoming Smash Bros character for the 3DS and Wii U versions. This is 100% confirmed as it's been tweeted by Nintendo's official twitter account. ... read more
Nooga FlameSpeedster wrote: V-Master wrote: This is how business works plus Mewtwo will be much more powerful than any other playable player today and it's smash will be Mega Mewtw ... more
V-Master Just you wait ... more

It's confirmed that Pokemon XY is compatible with Pokemon ORAS but there are some exceptions.For example you could trade with XY but you cant trade/show pokemon holding the new megastones or having the new moves(even high jump kick on lopuny) ... read more
pokemon123456789 XYZ wrote: pokemon123456789 wrote: pokemon123456789 wrote: Couldn't they just make an update for x and y so you can trade and have the new megastone ... more
V-Master Oh btw moves added to a Pokemon's move set is tradeable just not the new signiture moves for Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza ... more
Two more mega evolutions were announced today! Not all of the details were released and we will be updating 
Mega's Steelix and Glalie

... read more
yash Yes sir I am ready ... more
rehan100 I was just saying that currently diancie is shiny locked. ... more
Recently announced in the CoroCoro magazine, we're new Mega evolutions: Mega Beedrill, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Latios, and Mega Latias. the Eon's Mega's we're originally found by fans in X & Y, but weren't officially acknowledged until recently. Latios is only obtainable in Omega Ruby while Latias is only obtainable in Alpha Saphire. ... read more
pokemon123456789 I expected mega latios and latias. You could just see them coming. Still, they could of done something better with the megas. Maybe make the two a bit different? Apart from that, all looking good. ... more
superus_malum11 helpPlz wrote: What do they mean about the eon ticket only obtainable by serial code from next issue? the next CoroCoro. they done it before back in 5th gen (for what, I don't remember) Se ... more
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