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6th GEN Starter Types Fire Grass Water
The Official Pokemon website officially announced the types of the new starter Pokmeon: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. Not that it wasn't already glaringly obvious what there types were, but some were hoping to get some multi-typing. There hasn't been a starter Pokemon with more than one type since Generation 1 (that was Bulbasaur, which is Grass/Poison). However, that's not to say that there evolutions won't pick up some types in the evolution process.

There is a rumor floating around that Chespin's evolutions may pick up a Dark Type, Fennekin may pick up Physic, and Froakie will pick up fighting. This speculation is based off of the moves that are displayed in the announcement video. Apparently, each starter Pokemon performs two moves. The first moves is an obvious type match, but the second move that it shows for each Pokemon seems to suggest the types that I mentioned. The Pokemon could learn moves out of there main type though, so this is still just a theory.
Chespin Evolution
Froakie Evolution
Fennekin Evolution
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Thank's for mentioning! I really love the fire type!
Akian wrote:
Thank's for mentioning! I really love the fire type!

Yeah. Fennekin is cool looking. I like all of the new starters. My list would probably go like this: Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie.
in order
For once I'm probably going to go with the Fire-type starter because it's so dang adorable. wah
Ivy wrote:
For once I'm probably going to go with the Fire-type starter because it's so dang adorable. wah

Ya! Fennekin is the cutest for sure. I've always been a Grass Starter, so I'll probably stick with that. I think Chespin looks awesome anyway.
for real youre a grass type stater a fire type but this version imma go with chespin dang he looks cool and strongest of the 3!

Did you see those Chespin possible evolutions post that I made awhile back? There's some cool speculations in there.
I really do love all of them! I'm pretty set on going with Fennekin. I'm a big Fire Pokemon fan!
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